In the winter of 2016 I set up shop in Ubud Bali,

working out of Gaya Ceramic Studio.


Gaya Ceramic Studio. It's such a pleasure to work in a studio without walls again.

Humble Cups foreground, anagama kiln background. Somehow all these and more will fit into that kiln.

Down and dirty, loading the anagama kiln. If it 80°f outside it's 100°f inside.

Firing the anagama kiln


 Instinctively never trust a happy ceramicist. My turn monitoring the inferno for the next 8 hours.

Peeking inside the kiln at about 2282°f (1250°c). If you look closely on the top shelf left you can see some of the pyrometric cones (spiky shapes) have melted, these give a visual reading of temperature. The cone on the far right is cone 13 and it's starting to move...HOT. Below are the cones before being set in the kiln.


Unearthing creativity. Finally after three days of firing and three days of cooling we can open the kiln. If I wasn't an artist I'd dearly love to be an archeologist, two birds with one stone here.

Humble Cup - Anagama fired

 A touch of Bali, Setia Darma House of Mask and Puppets Ubud, a nice excursion to see what others have made.

Back to studio life.

Once you put your name on something made of clay it's there for a very long time, for better or worse. I like that risk.

New places bred new shapes, I've started on a new shape, curved sides into a chiseled heal. I'm curious if this shape can remain humble.